I'm not much of a goal setter, but I do have some things I'd like to get around to reading this year:


Reading Challenge--Thirty

This is a little more than half of what I usually read, but seeing as I struggled to reach my goal last year, I'm playing it a bit safe this year. I can always up it if I want to!


Kindle Freebie Mountain--Fifteen (no less than 10, though)

Seeing as I currently have *checks GR shelf* 100 unread Kindle freebies/99 cent-ers (not counting the many public domain goodies I have as well), I need to read some of them. Preferably a lot of them. I started doing that last year, but stopped in the summer, so I'm hoping to make up for the lack of reading I did the last half of the year. Should be more than doable, especially since some are short stories.


Buddy Reads--Two

Not many, but my friend and I did this last summer and it was quite fun, so we're thinking of doing it again. We've got lots of books that we both want to read, some of them rereads, so I'm hoping we'll get around to at least two of them!


TBR Originals--Two, preferably Four

From the original pile of books that I shelved as "to-read" when I first joined GR (those that show up as the first 40 on the shelf). A lot of them are books that I have so there's really no excuse for me to not read them. There's lots of nonfiction, which is why I'm setting this at only two, but I'm pretty certain I'll get around to some of the classics in there as well.


Standard Series/Author Favorites--at least Six

And in addition to the above, I have my usual goals to read one or two books in my favorite series or by favorite authors that I've done the past two years.


If I meet all these goals, I should just about reach my Reading Challenge for the year! Add on the other random things I'll read as well, and that 30 will probably (hopefully) be increased later on.