Ever since The Paradise aired in the U.S. on Masterpiece, my mom and I both have been wanting to read the Emile Zola book that it was based on.


I've looked "everywhere" (Gutenberg, ManyBooks, Amazon, good old Google search), but the only free, U.S. public domain version that I've found is the French version. Which must mean that the English version is also in the public domain, since I've seen many of his other works in English in the domain as well... pretty much everything EXCEPT The Ladies Paradise.


I did find a couple of scanned copies on Archive.org, but one is a completely bastardized translation, and the other apparently has pages missing. Seeing as I usually prefer to read classics as ebooks, if they're in the domain, before I buy them, it really frustrates me that the only version I can find is in French, even though I know I should also be able to get it in English.


So: Does any one know where I could find an English translation of Emile Zola's The Ladies Paradise that's free in the U.S. public domain?